Three Schools in One


Catholic High, New Iberia hosts grades 4 through 12 on one campus. offering a unique continuity in curriculum across all grades. Elementary, middle school, and high school students each have their own unique spaces and age-appropriate opportunities; yet, they all gather together for Masses, pep rallies, assemblies, and athletic events.

Elementary School

Grades 4 - 5

Our youngest Panthers are in Carmel Hall, where learning is fun and interactive.

Middle School

Grades 6 - 8

Middle schoolers soar in academics, ministry, athletics, & extracurriculars in St. Peter's Hall.

High School

Grades 9 - 12

High schoolers are offered many opportunities, clubs, & electives in de La Salle Hall. 

Our Mission


Catholic High, New Iberia...dedicated to the development of 4th-12th grade students through academic excellence and Christ-centered values rooted in caring discipline, compassion, and zeal.

Our Graduates

Taylor Jeanlewis Class of 2015
Bo Duhe
Reed Bellingham
Joseph Mitchell
Rhyan Shea Wheeler
Taylor Jeanlewis Class of 2015

Catholic High has instilled in me Christ-centered values, taught me the importance of valuing important traditions, and provided me with an unmatched education inside and out of the classroom that continues to allow me to thrive every day. My time at CHS has provided me with a vision to use my talent and my voice to impact the lives of others. I will always be grateful to be a Panther.

Taylor Jeanlewis, Class of 2015

Assistant Sports Information Director/Director of Softball Operations at Southern University Athletics

Bo Duhe

CHS instilled the work ethic and values in me to achieve my goals to be successful both personally and professionally.

Bo Duhé, Class of 1980

District Attorney 16th Judicial District

Reed Bellingham

Catholic High is a cherished place for me because it helped me to learn about and love Jesus Christ and the Church He established for our salvation. I also really appreciate Catholic High for the education I received and the friendships that I developed, which have helped to shape who I have become.

Reed Bellingham, Class of 2014

Seminarian for the Diocese of Lafayette

Joseph Mitchell

The time spent at CHS provided a educational foundation that set me apart from many of my peers moving forward. Middle and high school is a time where most people are figuring out who they are and who they want to be in life. I truly feel that in my time there I came to an understanding of what justice was and what it is like to be a friend to anyone. The lessons learned in the classroom and in athletics have stayed with me; I even find myself telling the same math jokes to my kids that I heard in the classroom. I surely did enjoy my time at CHS.

Joseph Mitchell, Class of 2000

I.T. Administrator, Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Dept.

Rhyan Shea Wheeler

Not only did CHS strengthen my Catholic faith but the motto Acta Non Verba has remained a guide for me throughout my life. As a wife, mother, community member, professional, and Catholic, these words remind me to lead by Christ’s example.

Rhyan Shea Wheeler, Class of 1996

Director of Resource Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana

Fast Facts


Athletic teams and clubs


Of faculty and staff are school alumni


average composite ACT score (2019 Honors)

$1.8 mil.

in scholarships awarded to our graduates ('16-'21)


potential hours of college credit available to high school dual enrollment students


Highest ethnic diversity in its diocese


student hours dedicated to service annually


Co- and Extra-curricular clubs available in grades 4-12


Chromebook ratio in grades 4-12

Owner Parishes & Board of Pastors

The sole Catholic school offering education in grades 4 through 12 for the Iberia Deanery, Catholic High School is today owned by four owner church parishes.  The pastors of the four churches serve as the school’s Board of Pastors, and one is selected by the Bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette to serve as Chancellor.

St. Edward Catholic Church is recognized as a non-owner co-equal.