A Day in the Life

Student life at Catholic High begins with morning arrival, where students are greeted by a friendly and caring faculty and staff. Following the entry bell, school-wide prayer and announcements lead into daily instruction. Every student benefits from a solid foundation in the core subjects of math, science, social studies, and English Language Arts in addition to daily religion studies. Electives are available at every grade level to accommodate students with a variety of interests. The entire student body celebrates weekly all-school Masses in the heart of campus. After-school activities include sports, clubs, and service organizations. At Catholic High, there is truly something for everyone.

two boys and one girl dancing
elemtnary students at a pep rally cheering
high school boy sprinkling glitter on a teacher

Student Activities

Student activities within a school instill a sense of pride, spirit, and community. They serve as a catalyst for student involvement in a wide array of activities that will help to build their academic, social, and professional skills. Catholic High is proud to offer engaging and age-appropriate student activities at all three of its school levels. Students in elementary, middle, or high school all have an opportunity to live the school’s motto in a personal way through student activities.

Below is a listing of the co- and extracurricular student activities currently available at each grade level, along with the moderator’s contact information. The number and diversity of offerings increase with a students’ age and broadening interests.

Director of Student Activities

Erin Robison

Catholic High Handbook

The regulations and other provisions outlined in our Student/Parent Handbook are a material condition of the contractual agreement between Catholic High School and each student and parent in the school.  The Principal and Administration of Catholic High School reserve the right to amend this handbook. If changes are made, all parents will be sent prompt notification.

CHS Handbook

Athletic Handbook

Athletics play an important part in the lives of many high school students. The purpose of sponsoring athletic teams is to train youth in the ideals of wholesome competition and true sportsmanship. Catholic High School sponsors numerous sports at several levels. CHS is a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association for all high school sports programs.


Additional Policies

Catholic High students who wish to attend a school dance with a student of another school must have a permission form completed. The form may be downloaded here. Please note that many of the blanks may be filled before printing, but signatures and dates are required on the hard copy submitted to school.

Students are required to have permission forms on file for any medicines they may need to take during the school day.  This form can be obtained here.