Vaping has been at the forefront of issues impacting middle and high school students. Catholic High pursues anti-vaping efforts by enforcing anti-vaping policies, conducting quality student searches, and implementing disciplinary consequences for violators.   Additionally, we have arranged for our drug screening professionals to periodically include screenings for nicotine in our panel of tests. And, new technology in the form of vapor detectors will soon be installed in our student restrooms and locker rooms.

Some parents have been in dialogue with us about what they can do at home.  Please continue to talk with your middle and high school-aged children about this dangerous and escalating trend among teens and make your expectations clear.  Peer pressure to vape can be relentless, so giving your teenager some strategies to say no without losing social credibility would be helpful.  Some parents have begun purchasing at-home nicotine tests and randomly testing their children.  If a teenager knows that a positive test for nicotine or other drugs will result in consequences such as losing driving privileges or not being allowed to attend parties or other social events, for example, he or she may be more able to say no to vaping.  
Thank you in advance for partnering with us as we all help our students to make good choices.  

Parent Tip Sheet: