Out-of-Uniform Dress Days

During the school year, there will be days when students are not required to be in uniform. These days include the monthly Pay to Dress days and free dress as a reward. Here is what you need to know when dressing for Pay to Dress and free dress:

NO tank tops, sunglasses, baseball caps, ripped jeans exposing skin above the knee, pajama pants, and/or flip flops or slippers. 

Shoes should have a back or at least a wide strap. Clothing that is political in nature is not permitted, nor is clothing featuring adult-themed brands (like Budweiser, Juul, or Playboy, for instance). Clothing that is too revealing or tight is not permitted.

Shorts that are no shorter than three inches above the knee are only allowed for students  (boys and girls) in grades 4-8. This is closer to knee-length than mid-thigh length.  High school students may NOT wear shorts to school on pay-to-dress and free dress.

There are days that students are encouraged to wear theme dress, such as for pep rallies and sometimes other activities. For theme day attire, some exceptions can be made. For example, if Pajama Day is the theme, pajama pants would be allowed.  If Aloha Hawaii is the theme, board shorts (long!) would be allowed. If the day is a celebrity dress-alike theme, exceptions would NOT necessarily need to be made ... a student can dress like a celebrity without necessarily wearing any of the attire usually prohibited.

Coach Erin and Mrs. Aucoin will work together to communicate exceptions for theme dress in advance. Do not assume anything goes for theme dress.  If you have an idea  of something to wear for a theme dress that is not normally allowed, it is best to ask permission.