September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Recently, CHS student leaders asked for the opportunity to raise awareness about this difficult but important subject. In keeping with our school community's emphasis on Christ-centered values, we feel strongly that all of a certain age can benefit from awareness of mental health conditions. We know that one conversation can change a life in a hopeful, positive direction. 
After Mass on Thursday, student leaders will invite members of the CHS community in grades 6-12 to raise awareness by picking up a purple and teal ribbon to wear during the remainder of the month. Participation is completely optional, and ribbons can be picked up by interested students in religion classes.

As we shared in earlier communications, ACT 93 of the Louisiana State Legislature requires us to include student help resources on the backs of our ID cards. Parents who are looking for resources to educate themselves or to aid in addressing this difficult topic with their children may find these sites helpful: