Geaux Big Red

Please read these guidelines for the CHS middle school dance scheduled for Saturday September 9th, regarding behavior, attire, etc... 

  • Only CHS students in grades 6-8 are invited to this dance. Elementary and high school students from CHS or other schools may NOT attend this dance. Middle school-aged guests from other schools may not attend CHS middle school dances without permission from Administration. 
  • The dance is from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Students are asked not to arrive before 7:00, and they must arrive by 7:30. The Delasalle entrance will be open for drop-off and pickup. Students should not loiter in that area or go anywhere else on campus; they should go directly to the cafeteria for the dance.  
  • Parents should park in the front of campus with a 9:00 dismissal from the dance in mind. We ask that parents picking up students be prompt and therefore respectful of the chaperones' time. 
  • Once inside the dance, students must remain inside the cafeteria. Please know, however, that if a student becomes ill, a parent will be called and allowed to pick up their child early.
  • A theme has been established by the Middle School student council and shared by the council moderator, Mrs. Jenny Landry. Students are encouraged to dress in theme, and most do so; it is fun, but not mandatory. The theme of this dance is Hawaiian Luau!
  • This is a casual attire dance. Tanks tops and spaghetti strap tops should only be worn under Hawaiian shirts or not at all. Jeans are an easy option and should not have rips or holes above the knee; nothing should be excessively tight; tops may not expose the midriff as with cut-outs or in the case of crop tops; shorts and leggings are not allowed for this event; clothing featuring adult brands, political images or slogans, etc... are not allowed, and so forth. 
  • A student whose attire is deemed not in keeping with attire regulations and published theme dress guidelines (that cannot be easily corrected) can be denied admittance to the dance and parents will be called.  It is at the discretion of the teacher/administrator chaperones on duty for the dance.
  • All students will refrain from suggestive, inappropriate dance moves; “slam dancing” is also forbidden. Students should NOT pick one another up or get on another’s back or shoulders at any time during the dance. Chaperones and administrators on duty will determine what constitutes inappropriate dancing. Students dancing inappropriately will be given one warning. On the second offense, parents will be notified and the student will be asked to leave the dance. No refunds will be given.
  • This is a "dance;" it is not a "run-around." There is to be no running, chasing, playing hide and seek, or other recess games. 
  • At dances, music is played and people dance. Often there is a great deal of dancing in groups. There are lots of line dance songs that are played; line dances are easy to learn the moves to, so we encourage students to try. The DJ may even play a slow song or two, and couple dancing is allowed, though not required.  
  • The DJ will play radio edits of songs; that means if there are explicit lyrics, they are censored. Students should NOT sing the inappropriate lyrics loudly during the censored part of the song.
  • Students may have cell phones and should use them wisely; students should remember that it is a violation of the Responsible Use Policy to record and upload to social media sites any pictures and video featuring anyone who has not given explicit permission.