Dear CHS Parents,
The Catholic High community is only a few weeks away from Homecoming festivities. Student organizations and sponsors are planning many events to celebrate Homecoming Week. We encourage everyone to be involved in these school-sponsored events as either a participant or a spectator, as there is fun planned for students at all levels.

As you know, unsanctioned pranks and acts of vandalism have unfortunately become a part of the weeks leading up to and the week of Homecoming.  We are receiving word that plans are already underway for these misguided activities. Catholic High strongly discourages its students’ and parents' participation in these types of activities. Additionally, we ask that parents partner with us in preventing their children from participating in all of these illegal (and sometimes dangerous) activities.  While we know that parents grant permission or even accompany their children for some of these illegal activities, what we have learned is that there is always a desire to outdo one another, events escalate quickly, and the line between fun and vandalism is easily crossed.  “Rolling” with toilet paper and spreading shredded paper and confetti are considered acts of vandalism. 

Parents whose property is vandalized should consider calling the authorities and filing a police report.  Often, a scan of social media will reveal who is behind an incident, and posts and videos can be turned over to police as evidence.  While school officials will not initiate investigations of off-campus acts of vandalism, if we are made aware of them and these out-of-school activities cause a disruption to the school day, all students involved, even those bringing incidents to our attention, could face disciplinary consequences at school. 

Acts of vandalism on campus or those initiated against employees of Catholic High will be reported to the police and will result in disciplinary action. It is important to state directly that stealing, defacing, or destroying any property belonging to the school, a teacher, an administrator, a staff member, etc...warrants serious action.  This applies to school buildings, vehicles, and grounds, and the homes, vehicles, and property of the Administration, faculty, and staff members. Consequences include financial responsibility for losses suffered, suspension, or even expulsion.  If the police request surveillance video from our campus, we will cooperate with the police and turn over all video footage. 

Also in regards to Homecoming, Catholic High will allow commercial vehicles to drop students at the dance. No alcohol can be on these commercial vehicles, and we ask that there be at least two adult chaperones present in each vehicle.  Vehicles must not remain on campus during the dance; vehicles may not return to pick up students until the dance ends at 10:30. As is our standard procedure, police security and breathalyzers will be utilized to foster an evening of safe activities for our students.

Communications about Homecoming attire, the procedure for bringing a guest from another school, and information about all Homecoming events have been or will soon be shared.  Should you have any questions, please let us know.   

Catholic High Administrative Team