The Back to School Dance for high school students is one week from today!  Mrs. Chanda Chauvin and the Student Council members will be sharing details about a theme, the DJ, the cost to get in and how to buy, and other things to know very soon.  But before the fun, here are a few dance regulations that have been shared with all high school students, since it has been a while since we've held this casual dance.  Please review and discuss with your high school student.     

  • The High School Back to School Dance is from 8:00 to 10:30 in the cafeteria for CHS students in grades 9-12, only. Guests from other schools are not invited to this event, this year.
  • Students should not arrive before 8:00 but must arrive by 8:30.  Upon arriving at school, students may not loiter in the parking lot or elsewhere on the premises. Students must stay at the dance until 10:30.  Once a student leaves the dance, he/she must leave the campus; parents or guardians who are picking up students should be on campus at 10:30, no later.      
  • Appropriate dress is required.  Once a theme has been approved, details about attire will be shared. However, I can tell you that clothing that is political in nature is not permitted, nor is clothing with inappropriate words or gestures.  Clothing that is too revealing, too short, or tight, as determined by the chaperones and school administration, is not permitted.  A student may be denied entrance to the dance and parents called if attire is deemed inappropriate.  
  • Students must adhere to normal school rules regarding conduct during dances:  NO running, horseplay, getting on each other's backs, body-slamming, crowd-surfing, inappropriate dancing, public displays of affection, cursing/inappropriate language, etc...   
  • Party buses are not allowed on campus. 
  • CHS does NOT sponsor, promote, or endorse parties held before or after school dances. Inappropriate behavior at such parties could result in school sanctions.  
  • No alcohol, tobacco products, e-cigarettes or vaping devices/products, controlled substances, or illegal drugs are allowed anywhere on the premises of a CHS-sponsored event. 
  • Students and guests are subject to a search and seizure by means of an alcohol breath-testing device, or Breathalyzer.  
  • Failure to follow these guidelines may result in expulsion from the dance.  Parents will be called, and additional disciplinary actions may be taken at school. 

We hope to see all high school students at the Back to School Dance!  Please email Mrs. Aucoin at Saucoin@chspanthers.com or Mrs. Chauvin at CChauvin@chspanthers.com if you have any questions.