two boys and one girl dancing

Here are a few things to know as you shop for with your student for the Homecoming Dance.  

Female guidelines

  • Dress may be formal (to the floor) or semi-formal (midi-length) in style. 
  • Ladies attire will reflect modesty and self-respect. Attire that is overly revealing, excessively sheer, low cut, or excessively tight is NOT acceptable. This is determined by the chaperones and administrator on duty at the dance.  
  • Semi-formal dresses must be no more than four inches from the middle of the knee cap in the front and back of the dress. Please know, this will appear shorter on some than others and body type, height, etc… must be taken into consideration.  It is better to buy longer and hem to an appropriate length than to buy short and try to make a too-short dress work. Note: Semi-formal dress length should be measured with shoes on.
  • Slits on formal dresses should NOT be higher than 4 inches from the middle of the knee cap. Semi-formal dresses should NOT have slits, with the exception of a small vent or kick pleat in the back of the dress. 
  • The cut of the dress in the back must not fall below the middle of the back. Any opening below this must be covered with a solid fabric.
  • Deep V or deep sweetheart necklines are NOT permitted. 
  • The bodice of the dress must not have any fabric cutouts in the front or sides of the dress below the neckline – two-piece dresses are not permitted.
  • Formal/semi-formal jumpsuits that meet the applicable guidelines indicated above are also permissible.  
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings are permitted, and only two earrings per ear are allowed.  
  • Dress shoes are required and should be worn all night. 

Male guidelines

  • Males must wear dressy slacks. Khakis and chino pants are too casual for this dance.
  • Dress shoes are required. Questions about shoes may be directed to the Dean of Students. 
  • Males must wear long or short sleeve button-down shirts. Polo-style shirts or t-shirts are not permitted.
  • Males must wear either a tie or bow tie. A turtle neck with a sports coat may be permitted - please check with the Dean of Students. 
  • No earrings, body jewelry, body piercings, or visible tattoos are permitted. Hats are not permitted.
  • Tuxedos or sports coats are permitted.
  • CHS students must be clean-shaven. 

It is important to know that students/guests not properly attired will not be allowed to enter and their parents will be notified. No refunds will be given. This is mortifying for the students and their dates and difficult for chaperones.  PLEASE MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!  

Here are a few semi-formal, midi-length styles that would NOT come into question for being too short.  

Below are a few semi-formal dresses that would be turned away. They are too short, too tight, too revealing, etc...  DO NOT COME WITH DRESSES THIS SHORT and TIGHT, please!!!

Mrs. Aucoin can approve almost everything except length by seeing a photo of a student in the dress as she plans to wear it that evening. But to actually approve length, it has to be measured from the middle of the knee to the hem of the dress, front and back. If that measurement is more than 4 inches, it is too short.