Homecoming Court

The Homecoming Attire Approval Committee (for girls) will follow these procedures for Homecoming Dress approval.

When shopping for dresses, girls should keep these guidelines in mind:

  • The dress may be formal (to the floor) or semi-formal (midi-length) in style. Dresses promoted as "mini" are going to be too short for most high school students.
  • Attire should reflect modesty and self-respect. Attire that is overly revealing, excessively sheer, low cut, or excessively tight is NOT acceptable. 
  • Semi-formal dresses must be no more than four inches from the middle of the kneecap in the front and back of the dress. Please know, this will appear shorter on some than others, and body type, height, etc… must be taken into consideration.  It is better to buy longer and hem to an appropriate length than to buy short and try to make a too-short dress work. Note: Semi-formal dress length should be measured with shoes on.
  • Slits on formal dresses should NOT be higher than 4 inches from the middle of the kneecap. Semi-formal dresses should NOT have slits, with the exception of a small vent or kick pleat in the back of the dress. 
  • The cut of the dress in the back must not fall below the middle of the back. Any opening below this must be covered with a solid fabric.
  • Deep V or deep sweetheart necklines that reveal and highlight cleavage are NOT permitted. 
  • The bodice of the dress must not have any fabric cutouts in the front or sides of the dress below the neckline – two-piece dresses are not permitted.
  • Formal/semi-formal jumpsuits that meet the applicable guidelines indicated above are also permissible.  
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings are permitted, and only two earrings per ear are allowed.  
  • Dress shoes are required and should be worn all night. 

Dresses must be submitted for approval via a grade-level Google Classroom. All high school girls have received an invitation to the join the Classroom and most have already joined. Each girl should share front and back photos of herself in the dress (not photos of a model in the dress). Approval may be granted at this step if all guidelines are obviously met.

For some, in-person approval will be necessary. We will set in-person approval sessions before and after school in the weeks just before Homecoming Week. 

Questions about this process may be directed to Shannon Aucoin at shannon.aucoin@chspanthers.com