Class of 2024 Senior Awards

Each year students from around the state participate in events known as literary, art, and speech rally, where students compete in academic, visual arts, and performing arts contests. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette sponsors a district rally for our area, and Louisiana State University sponsors the state competition.  Each school selects a rally team composed of high school and some middle school students, and they compete at the universities during the spring semester. This year our rally team included 27 students in Literary Rally, 7 in Art Rally, and 11 in Speech Rally and One Act Play events.  

We are proud to announce this year’s District and State rally winners. 

  • Audrey Armentor placed 3rd in  English IV at District.
  • Brent Breaux took 2nd place at District in World History.
  • Madison Broussard placed 3rd in Biology II at District.
  • Parker Inzerella placed 2nd at District and 3rd at State in Calculus I.
  • Placing 2nd at District in Psychology is Natalie Nguyen.
  • and Aidan Romero placed 2nd at both district and state rally in Physics.

These medals are given to the students in our academic courses who have the highest average after the 3rd quarter.  With the large number of extra curricular activities our students are involved in, this in itself is quite an accomplishment.

  • Brent Breaux is receiving the Honors World History medal, as well as the Art III medal.
  • Madison Broussard earned medals in Honors Biology II Anatomy, AP Calculus, Dual Enrollment English, and Criminal Justice.
  • Landon Courville has earned a medal in Algebra III.
  • Rosemary Davis earned medals in Honors Pre Calculus and Publications/Yearbook.
  • The Music II medal was earned by Melody Desormeaux.
  • The Biology II medal was earned by Alyssa Evans.
  • Lauren Fremin earned the subject medal for Honors English.
  • The Environmental Science subject medal was earned by Rudi Green.
  • The AP Principles of Computer Science medal was earned by Kayden Harris.
  • Parker Inzerella is receiving the AP Computer Science subject medal.
  • Alexys Landry earned the Pre Calculus medal, the Theology medal, and the English medal.
  • Jalan LeJeune is receiving the medal in World History.
  • Earning the Catholic Stewardship subject medal is Jenna Purdy.
  • Aidan Romero earned a medal in Honors Physics as well as Honor Probability/Statistics.
  • Austin Scurria has earned a medal in Dual Enrollment World History.

Congratulations to all of our subject medal winners.

The LOUISIANA CATHOLIC SCHOOL STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD is presented each year to a student in grades 5, 8, and 12. This is the second year we’ve competed exclusively against other Catholic schools in Louisiana. This program strives to recognize students who have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. Our senior Student of Year has been active at Catholic High through the Leadership Workshop, being a Kairos leader and grade level retreat leader, being on the Spirit Committee, member of the LHSAA All Academic Class team and several All District Honors in both football and baseball. He has already been recognized at school earlier in the year, but we want to take a moment and once again congratulate Will Minvielle, this year’s 12th grade Student of the Year.

Since its initiation in 1993, the DELASSALE PRIZE FOR THE VISUAL ARTS has not only honored outstanding work of Catholic High’s art students, but at the same time has created a permanent art collection that is housed in the De La Salle Hall near the chapel. This award is a monetary purchase prize of $100.  This year's winning piece is a color pencil drawing titled "On the Surface". The assignment was to depict an animal as achromatic using only black and white color pencils and using the paper color as a foundation to the subject. We are proud to give this award to freshmen, Anna Miles Crook.

Madison Broussard has been a member of the student council at Catholic High School since the 6th grade and has served in many different leadership roles. She has brought honor and prestige to our school through selfless acts of leadership and has dedicated countless hours planning projects/school dances that would not only benefit our school and students but our community.   Several events were the Back to School Supply Drive campaign where she helped organize the event to collect supplies for the local schools in our area. This school year Madison helped organize the painting and decorating of the football stadium restrooms and organized the decorations for  Back to School and helped to plan and decorate for the Homecoming Dance.  Madison has  demonstrated exemplary leadership and has a positive influence on, not only the membership of her club, but the campus as a whole.  We are proud to present her with this gavel for her dedication and service as the 2023- 2024 Catholic High Student Body President.

The President's Education Awards Program is awarded on behalf of the President of the United States and the United States Secretary of Education. There are two awards under this program and every year we present the higher award to seniors who have shown academic success in the classroom.  To be eligible for the PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE, they must have maintained a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher and score 85% or higher in Math or Reading on the ACT or SAT.  This is quite an accomplishment for these very deserving seniors. This year we recognize the following 11 students:

  •     Audrey Armentor
  •     Madison Broussard
  •     Paige Comeaux
  •     Riley Comeaux
  •     Rosemary Davis
  •     Allison Gachassin
  •     Emma Guillot
  •     Parker Inzerella
  •     William Minvielle
  •     Aidan Romero
  •     Austin Scurria

The FIRE STARTER PROJECT is a leadership program facilitated by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce for high school students in Iberia Parish. High school juniors enrolled in schools in Iberia Parish are nominated to participate by administrators from each of their respective schools. The year-long program aims to provide learning experiences in leadership, communication skills, team-building, and networking. Participants take part in monthly seminars and/or field trips to develop skills as future leaders of their community.  The students performed a simulated society, met with Louisiana Delegation at the capitol, toured Iberia Parish’s biggest industries, toured the healthcare sector that Iberia Parish has to offer, learned about financial literacy and community involvement, learned local government roles and the people that are in charge of each department, learned about their future education process and worked the Gumbo Cookoff to give back to the organization that gave them so much throughout the year. The students also forged friendships with their peers from other schools, as well as made connections with possible employers and others who may help to advance their future.
There are 2 outstanding students from Catholic High School who have been involved with this program. One FireStarter Board Chairman said this about Allison and Mariah.  They were a perfect match for the program. Both coming in quiet and unsure of what to expect.  We quickly saw their voice, passion and eagerness to learn everything the program offers. Today we recognize Allison Gachassin and Mariah Vital. 

The PRIDE OF CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL AWARD is given to the club, group, or organization on campus that has performed exceptional service and leadership for Catholic High. Every year there are several standout groups and the decision is a hard one.  The committee went round and round asking ourselves, “How do we pick just one?” In the end it came down to which of the clubs served our school community more.  Even that was hard to pinpoint.

This year’s recipient is a group of high school students who serve as wonderful role models with their school dedication, desire to achieve the school motto, leadership abilities, and service to our school.  

When you think of school spirit, who do you think of?  When you think of energizing the student body at the beginning of school, for homecoming, for Christmas, and really all school year, who do you think of? Are you thinking of the club that decorated the high school halls, helped at new student orientation, made the announcements after mass?  Did you know that they did all this as well as remodel the bathrooms at the stadium? I bet by now you know exactly who we’re talking about because you’ve felt their energy and excitement all school year long.

No surprise here, we would like to congratulate this year’s winner of the Pride of Catholic High Award: the High School Student Council. At this time, we would like all of the team and Mrs. Chanda to come forward to receive the trophy.

We would like to recognize the students who informed us of the academic scholarships that were offered to them, and that they have accepted, for the college of their choice.   

  •     Audrey Armentor - LSU
  •     Madison Broussard - LSU
  •     Paige Comeaux - UL Lafayette
  •     Riley Comeaux - LSU
  •     Neely Derouen - UL Lafayette
  •     Melody Desormeaux - UL Lafayette
  •     Kate Avery Ditch - LSU
  •     Anne Dupuy - Nichols
  •     Lauren Fremin - UL Lafayette
  •     Allison Gachassin - LSU
  •     Emma Guillot - UL Lafayette
  •     Hunter Hebert - UL Lafayette
  •     Parker Inzerella - UL Lafayette
  •     Alexis Lamm - University of Mississippi
  •     Alexys Landry - UL Lafayette
  •     Jalan LeJeune - UL Lafayette
  •     William Minvielle - LSU
  •     Jenna Purdy - UL Lafayette
  •     Aidan Romero - Louisiana Tech
  •     Austin Scurria - LSU
  •     Kaitlyn Viator - UL Lafayette
  •     Mariah Vital - LSU 

The TROY MIRE FRIENDSHIP AWARD was instituted in 1983 by the Mire Family in Troy’s memory. It is intended to recognize students who have exhibited the qualities of friendship, compassion, and congeniality.  It is given to a senior who has promoted the concept of friendship, not only in his or her own circle of friends, but in the class, in the school, and within the community as a whole. This award is voted on exclusively by the senior class and it shows how much they recognize the spirit of giving that lives within the other members of the Class of 2023. This person has been selected because she acts in such a selfless manner, in seemingly everything she does. It is our pleasure to announce that this year the award goes to Jenna Purdy.

The CATHOLIC HIGH TORCH AWARD is unique in that the students have to apply for it.  This alone shows a desire for success.  To earn the award, students must accumulate points on a predetermined scale which gives primary weight to their academic achievements but also includes their participation in service, leadership, extra-curricular and athletic activities. The Catholic High Torch  letters are given annually to the highest scoring students. Students earning Torch letters are eligible for the CHS Letterman’s Jackets after meeting the other jacket requirements.  This year, the following 5 seniors have earned the Torch Award:

  • Lauren Fremin
  • Mariah Vital
  • Madison Broussard who has earned this award every year.
  • Anne Dupuy who is earning her 3rd torch award
  • Aidan Romero who is earning his 2nd torch award

The TORCH OF KNOWLEDGE TROPHY goes to the student who has accumulated the most points during the current academic year.  This year’s Torch of Knowledge Trophy is presented to the student who has earned the Torch Award for the past 4 years. This is also the 2nd time she is receiving the Torch of Knowledge Trophy. Congratulations to Madison Claire Broussard.

The SERVIAM MEDAL is presented to high school students who have repeatedly offered to serve the school community in big and small ways throughout the years.  This service should be freely given and not part of any class or club obligation.  This senior devoted her time as a member of the Student Council, but she also devoted lots of her personal time, especially when it came to commemorating this senior class.  She rallied the troops and did a great deal of the work herself for the senior mural.  Let’s all please congratulate Kaitlyn Viator.

Some awards that we present are submitted by the faculty. As experts in their field, their input into the academic success of the students is vital.  We have several subject specific awards that we’d like to present. The first such award is the GLADYS VIATOR MEMORIAL AWARD.  This award is given to a student who has done outstanding work in English, and who through dedication and work, has developed abilities in this field. Although grades are considered, the teachers in the English Department also consider the students’ creativity and efforts in class. Think Conscientious.  Think Diligent. Think Determined.  This year the award goes to Audrey Armentor.

The History Department has a similar award called the FRANKIE MAE PATOUT SOCIAL STUDIES AWARD.  For this award, the high school history teachers are looking for students who have done outstanding work in Social Studies this year. In particular they look for students who’ve contributed in class discussions and took an interest in the world around them. They also consider the quality of their classwork and the effort they put forth on projects and assignments.  This year the award goes to Brent Breaux.

The CATHOLIC HIGH MATH AWARD is given to a senior who has really shown promise in Math.  Everyone is a math person if they give themselves the freedom to dive in and develop those critical thinking skills. The senior math teachers examine the quality of the students’ work and their grade in senior level math, but also ask themselves “Who is working through the struggle?” “Who pushes himself or herself to really get it?”  The math department is excited to award the Catholic High Math Award to Aidan Romero.  

Every year the Science Department picks one senior to receive the  CATHOLIC HIGH SCIENCE AWARD. When the senior science teachers are asked to nominate for this award they consider students who have shown an aptitude for their science studies, excellent grades in science, and possible success in Rally.  Science is about pushing the boundaries of understanding.  This year’s recipient is a great example of a student who is pushing herself to fully immerse herself in her studies, and succeeding! This year the award goes to senior Madison Broussard.

The DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZEN AWARD is presented each year to a senior who lives up to the ideals of the DAR and has consistently demonstrated those qualities of good citizenship necessary for the continuation of our American system and way of life.  Lauren Fremin was already announced at school in October, but we want to again recognize her as this year’s DAR Good Citizen for Catholic High. 

 The next set of awards are civic awards. The winners have to demonstrate involvement in their community and school, as well as strong leadership qualities.
Every year the New Iberia Lion’s Club recognizes one senior boy and one senior girl who, by involvement in the community and school have demonstrated a very definite civic and community awareness.  This comes through their commitment and service to our community.  The nominations come from the senior class themselves.  This year the Class of 2024 would like to announce that Madison Broussard and Parker Inzerella are their LION’S CLUB OUTSTANDING SENIOR CIVIC AWARD winners.

The CHRIS DALY/J.P. THIBODEAUX SERVICE ABOVE SELF AWARD is presented each year to a senior who has freely given of himself or herself to his or her own family, church, school and community while asking nothing in return. This year’s recipient is a creative, innovative, and inclusive student. He demonstrates a deep passion for learning and a unique analysis of complex ideas. He has consistently demonstrated respect for his peers and teachers, and he is known for his kindness, empathy, and willingness to help others. He consistently tries to include all, even those outside of his grade level. He is a dedicated teammate and a leader who cares for all involved.We couldn’t be any more proud to honor Brent Breaux with this award. 

The next award is named in honor of Buck Barras. Mr. Barras’ life revolved around his faith, his family, and his friends. He was a go-getter who always pushed people to be the best version of themselves, to trust in their faith in God, and to always help others who were in need.  After he passed away some of his closest friends wanted to help other children who had tragically lost a parent.  Although the scholarship cannot replace the parent, it is a wonderful way to assist these two students as they further their education. Mckenzie Buford and Allison Gachassin are this year’s recipients of the BUCK BARRAS MEMORIAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP.

The ANNIE B. FRANKS SCHOLARSHIP is sponsored by the New Iberia Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Mrs. Franks was a long time educator who worked tirelessly to help in her school, her church, and her community. This is an academic scholarship granted to seniors who have exhibited strengths in extra-curricular activities at school, have been active in community service, and who have proven exceptional academic progress over their entire high school career.  This young lady exemplifies high academic standards as well as involvement in school, church, and community activities. This year’s recipient is Mariah Vital.
Pause to allow the recipient to take a picture and return to his/her seat.

The GOLDIE BUJARD “ANGEL AMONG US” SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship awarded each year to a graduating senior who exhibits the same qualities that endeared Mrs. Bujard to all those who knew and loved her. “Miss Goldie” is loved for her kind heart, loving nature and joyous spirit. She is a friend to all those she met and always puts others’ needs before her own. The senior who is chosen to receive the “Angels Among Us” scholarship shall be a person who exemplifies those qualities that “Miss Goldie” possessed. This year’s recipient is Mariah Vital.
Pause to allow the recipient to take a picture and return to his/her seat.

The GRACE GONSOULIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship given in memory of Grace Gonsoulin.  Grace was the kind of person who always went out of her way to help someone, regardless of the sacrifice needed.  When Grace was at Catholic High she was very involved in various clubs, with the girl’s softball team, and always cheering for the home team. The student who receives this scholarship must exhibit the same selflessness and giving traits as Grace did, should be actively involved in school clubs and activities, as well as maintaining good grades. We are glad to award this scholarship to Alyssa Evans this year. 

The DENISE P. BREAUX MEMORIAL AWARD is an annual scholarship given to a female or male outgoing senior who has demonstrated commitment to excellence in the classroom and continual participation in athletics at Catholic High School.  This scholarship symbolizes an ongoing commitment to support students who honor the memory of Denise Poche Breaux, a Mount Carmel Academy graduate, who excelled in academics, athletics, and also was a person of strong character and faith.  This year’s recipients are Elliot Haik and Alexys Landry.
Pause to allow the recipients to take a group picture and return to their seats.

We have a relatively new award this year called the DEREK OLIVIER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, in honor of the late Derek Olivier. Mr. Olivier attended NISH and did very well academically as well as on the football field.  He attended college in Arkansas on a full scholarship and his parents would like to help another student further his or her college education with the $1,000 scholarship.  In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must have been accepted to attend a 2 year or 4 year college and submit a letter of character reference. So, based on her grades and her strength of character, we are proud to announce that Kynnedi Ledet is receiving this award.

In addition to all these wonderful awards recognizing our seniors’ accomplishments, we have an award that is reserved for senior athletes. The Louisiana High School Athletic Association Academic All State Award is presented to senior athletes for exemplary academic achievement by maintaining the highest grade point average among all athletes during their academic career while participating in varsity high school sports.  This year we are very proud to acknowledge four of our seniors for being selected.

  • Madison Claire Broussard for Cross Country            
  • Riley Comeaux for Tennis
  • Allison Gachassin for Soccer
  • Aidan Romero for Baseball and Soccer

The CHS faculty wants to congratulate all of our outstanding seniors for your achievements.  We are very proud of you, not just for the awards, but for the dedication and drive to succeed that you have demonstrated. In your time at CHS you have left a mark on Catholic High that our underclassmen will look up to.