Geaux Big Red

Please read the updated Student Parent Handbook in its entirety. Here are the revisions to be aware of. 


  • Girls' Uniform:  All girls in grades 4-12 may wear the black uniform pants for girls, formerly only approved for high school girls to wear, The pants must be purchased from an approved vendor or acquired from the school Swap Shop. Girls' skirt length must be knee-length. 
  • Shorts:  While 4-8 students may still wear uniform shorts for regular school-day uniforms, only 4th and 5th-grade students will be allowed to wear 7" or longer shorts on non-uniform days. 
  • Hooded sweatshirts may NOT be worn during the school day.

Conduct grades - In recent years, conduct grades for students in 6-12 were assigned to reflect their behavior in each individual class. This year at marking/reporting periods, students in grades 6-12 will receive one conduct grade based on behavior in all classes. 

Detention - At CHS, there are two types of detention. Previously, these were known as application detention and conduct detention. These detentions will now be referred to as Level I detention and Level II detention. Students in grades 6-12 assigned to detention will serve Level I detentions for 30 minutes after school and, generally, Level II detentions on Saturday mornings from 7:00 to 9:00. As before, detentions must be served when assigned. 

Tardies - Students at all levels will receive two official warnings per semester, noted and shared in FACTS. After those two warnings, students will receive Level I detention each time he or she arrives at school after 7:50 without a valid, written/communicated excuse. 

IDs - All students must bring their ID to the cafeteria to receive lunch from the cafeteria. Elementary teachers will share procedures for this with elementary students. 

Academic Penalty for Suspension - The academic penalty for suspended students has decreased to one, two, or three points for one, two, or three-day suspensions, respectively. 

Water bottles - Students are allowed to bring reusable water bottles for water only. Elementary students' bottles may only be clear. Lids must be sealable, and straws are not allowed. (This is to prevent spills and leaks). 

Responsible Use Policies - The Responsible Use policies have been updated. Take a look, please.