Please review this information about uniforms and grooming in the 23-24 school year:

  • Ties: Due to issues with the supplier beyond the control of CHS or its vendors, boys’ ties will not likely be restocked until September. Parents of 4th grade boys, all newly enrolled boys, and boys whose old ties are completely unwearable may purchase solid red ties sold by our vendors until the official school tie becomes available. There is also the option to get a used tie from the Swap Shop (though availability is limited). Any graduates who wish to donate ties in decent condition as loaners may do so by bringing ties to Ms. Amber, Mrs. Aucoin, or Mrs. Chauvin - whatever is easiest.  Thanks for helping out, graduates!
  • Girls' uniform skirts - length requirement:  Beginning in August, girls who choose to wear uniform skirts will be required to wear knee-length skirts. In other words, the hem of a girl’s uniform skirt must hit the top of her knees. It should be this length in the back as well. 
  • Girls' uniform pants: Uniform vendors are carrying girls’ black uniform pants for all girls 4-12 to wear. This option was previously only offered to girls in high school, but is now extended to all girls at CHS. The black uniform pants must be purchased from an approved uniform vendor or selected from the CHS Swap Shop. Black pants from Old Navy, Target, American Eagle, etc… do NOT meet uniform requirements.
  • Sweatshirts: Hooded sweatshirts will NOT be allowed for daily uniform wear. Crewneck sweatshirts and fleece zip-ups are still allowed. 
  • Elementary and Middle School Shorts: 4th-8th grade boys will still be allowed to wear the grey, uniform shorts for regular uniform wear, and 4th-8th grade girls may still wear the plaid shorts for regular uniform wear. These uniform shorts may NOT be tight-fitting or shorter than three inches from the floor when kneeling. Those acquiring shorts from the Swap Shop must pay attention to these fit requirements. These are NOT options for high school students.
  • Free dress, Pay-to-Dress, and Theme Dress requirements will be shared with students and parents before each event. On these days, only 4th and 5th grade students may wear shorts. Middle school students may no longer wear shorts during the school day for these out-of-uniform days, and high school students are not allowed this privilege, unless otherwise specified. As always, tank tops, sunglasses, baseball caps, ripped jeans exposing skin above the knee, pajama pants, flip flops, slippers, slides, and attire with political messages or featuring adult brands are prohibited. Crocs will no longer be allowed. 
  • All boys’ hairstyles must fall within these parameters: hair will not fall into the eyes, touch the collar in the back, lie over the ears, be partially shaved, or extend more than two inches from the head in any direction. Please note: 1980s style “mullets” do not meet these parameters; braids/twists must be shorter than two inches. 
  • Hair dye not within the spectrum of normally-occurring hair color is not allowed for boys or girls.